Consumers Finally Realize That Bluetooth Headsets Are Ugly, Goofy

Finally, some confirmation that we actually aren't crazy. Well, too crazy. We always wondered where exactly the crowds were that were responsible for buying up all of these Bluetooth headsets, and while we'd see one or two self-talkers walking around the mall every so often, we never saw these things as being incredibly popular.

Now, a new research study into the matter finds that owners of Bluetooth headsets in the US are using them less often than they used to. Way less frequently, actually. The numbers show that just 26% of BT headset owners use their devices every day, which is down from 43% in 2009. Interestingly, daily usage increased somewhat in Europe to 36%, but overall daily usage was said to be down 40% since last year. Even funnier was a quote from Chris Schreiner, Senior Analyst at Strategy Analytics:

"The number of Bluetooth headset owners that are satisfied with the style of their device dropped 27% since 2008."

So it's taken this long for folks to realize that these things aren't stylish hanging off of your ear? The report goes on to say that in-car handsfree kits are taking the place of these headsets, but we think people are just realizing that they just look awkward in terms of style. What do you think? Which side are you on?