Console for Christmas? PC Gaming dead? Guess again...

Got that Xbox 360 Santa dropped down the chimney revved-up on Gears of War?  Or perhaps your tennis elbow is acting up again, after years of dormancy, due to a little too much Wii-laxing? It's all about the consoles this year it seems.  And if you weren't careful you might dismiss the PC as a solid gaming platform.  Au contraire gadget-loving friends, the boys at GameSpot have a few "exclusive" screen shots to show you.  At least in terms of eye candy, the PC still still has it over the console; in our humble opinion of course. 

Enemy Territory: Quake Wars

"Below is a comprehensive list of all(at least I think so)promising PCgames slated for 2007 release.By "promising" I mean games with big chances of scoring at least AA, while extremely small chances of scoring below 7. I've tried choosing only games made by experienced developers(who made good games in the past) or for other reasons promising."

Drop in a little gamma-correct 4X AA with transparency super-sampling and 16X aniso filtering, and some of those consoles look like they're running something built by Playskool.  Check six, right here.