Coming Sooner Than You Think: Intel NextGeneration Enterprise Platforms

Coming Sooner Than You Think: Intel Next–Generation Enterprise Platforms

Architectural Innovation through Powerful and Energy–Efficient Multi–core Platforms

NTEL DEVELOPER FORUM, San Francisco, March 7, 2006 – Pat Gelsinger, Intel senior vice president and general manager of the Digital Enterprise Group, today showed how Intel will deliver superior computing performance and energy efficiency this year while reducing the total cost of IT ownership.

"2006 marks a year of transitions for Intel –– a transition to a new process technology and a powerful new microarchitecture, along with the delivery of new platforms solving tough problems for our customers," said Gelsinger. "This year we have a line–up of enterprise platforms and technologies that will inspire developers with opportunities and excite IT managers with critical capabilities to manage costs and run their business."

At the center of Intel's efforts is a commitment to energy–efficient performance based on a next–generation microarchitecture reviewed earlier in the day by Intel Chief Technology Officer Justin Rattner. These multi–core products designed with the Intel(R) Core™ microarchitecture will enable unique designs and fuel the industry's most sophisticated office PCs. It will also help IT managers increase responsiveness and productivity while at the same time reducing real–estate and electricity burdens companies face as server data centers grow.

By the end of 2006, Intel Core microarchitecture will be at the heart of PC and server platforms. Noting its remarkable gains in performance for desktop PCs, Gelsinger showcased Conroe, a dual–core processor that can reduce power consumption by 40 percent while delivering greater than 40 percent improvements in computing performance¹.

Additionally, Gelsinger announced that Conroe will now also be a part of Intel's Professional Business Platform –– codenamed Averill –– available in the second–half of 2006. Averill will deliver world–class IT security and manageability capabilities for businesses through the Conroe dual–core processor along with a new chipset codenamed Broadwater, Intel(R) Virtualization Technology and the second generation of Intel(R) Active Management Technology.

For dual–processor servers and workstations, Intel will ship three new processors in 2006. Sossaman, an ultra–low–power processor, is scheduled to ship next week and is designed for server blades, storage devices and telecommunications equipment. Dempsey is scheduled to ship by the end of the month and is the first processor for a new Intel(R) Xeon(R)–based platform, codenamed Bensley. With the majority of its volume shipping below 100 watts, Bensley will deliver performance–per–watt leadership.

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