Chrome 14 Bug Bounty Worth a Cool $14,000+

Software bugs are the gift that keep on giving, so long as companies like Google continue to offer up bounties for little critters that run amok on top of good code. We're not talking about chump change, either. On the contrary, Google forked over $14,337 in finder fees for the discovery of 32 vulnerabilities in Chrome, which the sultan of search then patched en route to rolling out Chrome 14 to its Stable channel.

The biggest payout was for a bug that granted unintended access to V8 built-in objects, a discovery that netted the finder $2,337. Other vulnerabilities were worth anywhere from $500 to $2,000 each, which Google can easily afford to pay, and bug hunters are more than happy to accept.

Chrome 14 paves the way for more powerful Web apps and games. There's a new Web Audio API that, in Google's words, "enables developers to add fancy audio effects such as room simulation and spatialization." Google also put effort into making Chrome run more smoothly on Mac OS X Lion, including initial support for Lion's full-screen mode.

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