China Outs First MeeGo Powered Tablet

At some point, someone is going to rise up and challenge Apple's iPad in the tablet market, the only questions are who and when? We still don't know, but Chinese company Red Flag Software will take a stab at it by tossing its name into a hat brimming with other companies who plan on releasing a tablet. Called the NPad, Red Flag's tablet is the first to sport the open-source MeeGo operating system, and word on the Web is that it will cost less than the iPad.

That isn't too surprising, considering it will be equipped with a Linux-based OS and not Windows. Specifically, early indications suggest it will be running the 1.1 MeeGo OS, and yes, it will multi-task.

On the hardware front, the NPad measures about 10.1 inches in size and sports a capacitive multi-touch screen with a built-in accelerometer. It will come built around Intel's Atom platform for Moorestown and include support for Wi-Fi, 3G, GPS, and Bluetooth.

No word yet on when it will ship or for how much.