China Enforcing Universal Cell Phone Charger

We know what you're thinking. "it's about time somebody stepped up with this idea".  We couldn't agree more but just think of all those poor unsuspecting cheesy mall vendor cart retailers that might get put out of business with the complete lack of inventory selection.  Can I get an ahmen?
"SHANGHAI — China will start to enforce a compulsory universal cell phone charger standard this month. Some see it as a benefit, while others are grumbling that it will add cost and cause hassles in the supply chain.

All cell phones designed after June 14 must adopt the universal charger interface, based on USB, otherwise they will not be approved for sale in China, according to the Ministry of Information Industry, which is responsible for enforcing the rule."

OK, let's see if this thing can fly state-side.  Anybody got the cool billion or so clams that it might take to pay off the power supply lobbyists on this one?