Chenbro Case, Maxtor HD, Seasonic 380w PSU and More!

Morning friends, we've got a broad range of news bits this AM.  Whether you want feedback on a new case, hard drive or power supply, it's covered.  Also, there's something a little different from BigBruin in the TV Jockey.   It's good to get something different once in a while, it keeps things interesting.

Chenbro Gaming Bomb II @ Viper Lair:

"Chenbro came out a winner with this case, its' cooling capabilities are great, the handles make it a dream to move around, and the tool-less installation of drives makes swapping drives in and out a breeze. The case itself is rather light, as would be expected with an aluminum case, and the brushed metal and rounded curves look great. The case doesn't have any sharp edges, or noticeable problems other than the small ones I have pointed out before." TV Jockey Review @ BigBruin.Com:

"The TV Jockey allows you to watch television broadcast programs (whether over the air broadcasts or cable) on your computer monitor without the need for a separate Television (or TV tuner card). But it's so much more than this... it also allows you to watch DVDs & VCR tapes from set top units. You can even plug in your PlayStation or GameCube directly to the TV Jockey, and play on your computer monitor."

Maxtor's DiamondMax 10 hard drive @ The Tech Report:

"Maxtor's first NCQ-enabled desktop drive is the DiamondMax 10. Available in capacities up to 300GB, the DiamondMax 10 comes equipped with as much as 16MB of cache and the promise of improved performance. Read on to see how command queuing affects the DiamondMax 10's performance and how the DiamondMax 10 stacks up against the competition."

Seasonic S12 380W Power Supply Review @ CoolTechZone:

"A while back, power supplies were one of the ignored components in the system, and they were one of the dullest topics to talk about. These days, however, we can't say the same anymore. Now, system builders pay close attention to the power supply they are getting and its specifications. In fact, the power supply industry has improved quite a bit over the past year or so."

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