Case Mods, ATI Mobos, Dealing with Loss, A Case to Sink Your Teeth Into

Good morning everyone.  It looks to me like things are winding down a bit as the weekend approaches.  That doesn't mean that the wheels have come to a screaching halt at HH, however.  We've got a lot of cool items on the HH test bench as we speak.  So while most of you get ready for a nice relaxing weekend, rest assure we are plugging away on some pretty sweet hardware for your reading entertainment.  For now, let's cover some of today's latest news.

DFI LanParty 915X-T12 @ Viper Lair:

"The 915P-T12 is a good buy for its price, for those looking for a mid-to-high range motherboard, or a motherboard that will be able to support relatively new technology, the 915P-T12 seems to be right on target."

SilverStone Lascala LC03V HTPC Case "Cool-n-Quiet" Custom Mod @

"When Tommy asked me a few weeks ago if I would like to review one of the new SilverStone Home Theater PC (HTPC) enclosures I jumped at the chance. I was rewarded with a sleek Lascala LC03V sporting a new vacuum fluorescent display (VFD) and glossy black finish. The SilverStone LC03V has been designed to blend in perfectly with modern audio-video equipment and permits using both a full size ATX motherboard and standard ATX power supply."

Bjorn3D takes a look at the PowerColor A350A-VF (ATI) motherboard:

"Motherboards using NVIDIA, VIA and Intel chipsets can be found everywhere. Today however, I take a look at a motherboard from PowerColor that uses the ATI RADEON 9100 PRO IGP( RS350) IXP 300 chipsets."

Coping with a Serious Data Loss @ The Tech Zone:

"Data loss is an expensive reality. It's a hard fact that it happens more often then users like to admit. A recent study by the accounting firm McGladrey and Pullen estimates that one out of every 500 data centers will experience a severe computer disaster this year. As a result, almost half of those companies will go out of business. At the very least, a data loss disaster can mean lost income and missed business opportunities."

Logisys Dracula Special Edition @ Phoronix:

"When we first came across the Logisys Dracula ATX case, we were startled by its appearance. Whilst the majority of the case is mid-night blue there is a good amount of chrome, making the Logisys Dracula one of the most unique looking cases we have seen to date!"

OK gang, back to work for me.  I'll catch you back here next week!

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