Case Modding, Wireless Networking and Digital Media Galor

Good morning all.  JeffB stopping in as we say good bye to another work week and hello to the weekend.  My wife and I, recent residents of North Carolina, enjoyed a nice little pool party in our community last night with a live reggae band and good food and drink.  The carribean tunes seemed quite appropriate with the general theme being sunny and hot. Tomorrow we get to check out a local pig roast that is an annual tradition that brings in 15,000 people each year.  It's definitely a different world down here compared to New York, but one thing is certain, these folks like to eat!  They are also a hefty community of techies too, with the Research Triangle being home to many technology companies including NVIDIA, who is right around the corner.  Good food and no shortage of "tech", looks like we made the right choice to come down.  Now if I could just get used to 95F and 100% humidity everyday...

Actiontec Wireless Digital Media Center Review @ CoolTechZone:

"Digital content is the latest trend in the field of technology. Many users want to link their personal computers and televisions/multimedia centers together to fully enjoy the content they may have stored on their computers. Many manufacturers have produced products that are designed to do one thing in terms of content sharing. For example, there are products that can be purchased to display still images on televisions and there are products that can deliver music to stereo systems via networking."

Digiana AudiaX Wireless Audio FM Transmitter @

"So, you simply plug it into something, such as a laptop, walkman, MP3 player or similar, tune it to an appropriate frequency, tune your receiver to the same frequency and away you go. I used my laptop playing an audio CD as the source and my "boom box" portable stereo on the other side of the room as the receiver. The speakers built into the laptop are woeful, so the thought of being able to use the much better speakers in the boom box is very appealing."

Polished Shuttle SFF Case Project @

"The tiny small form factor Shuttle cases are quite useful. You can carry them around under your arms and they pack quite a punch in the performance department. However, they do look a bit drab at times."

Stratus X Case Review @ Creative Mods:

"Today I reviewed the Xoxide Stratus-X. Why the 'x' you may ask? The side panel is cut in an 'X' shape. Here is a short description of the Stratus-X from "The Xoxide Stratus-X has a streamlined look while still giving you the room that you demand. This case has four 5.25" bays, two external 3.5" bays, four internal 3.5" bays and seven pci slots. Conveniently located on the front bezel are audio and two USB ports for easy connection of devices. The front bezel is made of a light blue plastic that resembles glass. Artistically placed at the bottom of the bezel are eight rows of inverted bumps to give it that artistic feel." If you are in the market for an affordable midrange case, this review is for you."

Compex NP26G-USB Wireless Router Review @

"What makes the NP26G-USB so different from competing products is the inclusion of those two USB ports, which allow the unit to act as a wireless print and webcam server, as well as a regular wired and wireless router."

Promise FastTRAK S150 SX4 SATA-RAID Controller Review @

"Today we would like to introduce to you one more multi-channel (4 and up) controller from Promise. It proved to be an excellent solution, especially efficient in the benchmarks imitating real-life applications. Anyway, find out the details now in our new article!"

Three Way DDR-550 Memory Rumble – GeIL, OCZ and ShikaRAM @ Tweaktown:

"While companies around the world prepare to introduce DDR-II memory modules to the market place in their various channels, DDR kicks on. We've compared DDR-550 (PC4400) memory modules from GeIL, OCZ and ShikaRAM at their default speeds and overclocked, as far as we could take them, on our ASUS Pentium 4 platform."

That's all for now gang.  This ought to hold you over for a while.  Stay cool!