Call of Duty Mobile Racks Up Record 100 Million Downloads During Its First Week

cod mobile
Call of Duty (CoD) Mobile has set a major record with the best launch ever for any mobile game. CoD Mobile reportedly generated 100 million downloads combined worldwide according to Sensor Tower Store Intelligence estimates for its first week. CoD Mobile has surpassed all other mobile games, including Mario Kart Tour, which had 90 Million downloads its first week.

CoD Mobile destroyed the records set by its fellow shooter mobile versions. The mobile version of Fortnite recorded 22.5 million downloads its first week as an App Store exclusive, and PUBG Mobile had 28 million downloads its first week. The bulk of the downloads for CoD Mobile came from iOS users, with 56.9 million downloads (55.7%).

Android users accounted for the remaining 45.3 million unique installs. The U.S. was the most popular country for the game, where 17.3 million downloads were made for 16.9% of all downloads for CoD Mobile. India was next with 13.7 million downloads for 13.4 percent, and Brazil was third with 7.1 million downloads for 7%.

SensorTower data shows that the game also outpaced its rivals in spending. In its first week, CoD Mobile raked in $17.7 million in player spending. That makes its average gross revenue per download 17 cents. The majority of that revenue was generated from the App Store at $9.1 million, with Android users spending $8.3 million; it's unclear where the remaining money came from in the SensorTower data. To compare, Fortnite recorded spending of $2.3 million when it hit the App Store in beta its first week. PUBG Mobile didn't monetize for two months after launch and recorded $600,000 in the first week.

Mobile gamers in the U.S. spent the most at $7.6 million, Japan was second at $2.4 million, and Brazil was third at $878,000. CoD Mobile was first announced for Android and iOS back in March.