Calif. Appeals Violent Video Games Law Ruling

This law had originally passed in 2005, but late last year was temporarily blocked.  The block became permanent in August of this year, when a judge ruled the law was unconstitutional.
California Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger said Wednesday that he had appealed a court decision that struck down the controversial violent video game law in his state. The appeal was filed in federal court for the Northern District of California. The law would have prevented the sale or rental of "ultra-violent" video games to anyone under 18, and would have required clear labeling of such games.
Schwarzenegger's appeal was filed with the U.S. District Court for the Northern District of California.  Other states have unsuccessfully tried to institute video game laws of this sort as well, but Schwarzenegger is adamant about this.   Our guess is he has forgotten those "Terminator" computer games of oh-so-long-ago.