Cadillac Reveals LYRIQ All-Electric Crossover With 300-Mile Range To Take On Tesla

caddy lyriq front

Iconic American luxury brand Cadillac has stepped into the electric vehicle realm with the unveiling of the LYRIQ crossover concept. Cadillac says that the propulsion system and supporting technologies will position it as a leader in electrification, connectivity, and automated driving. Caddy says that the LYRIQ will lead its push to redefine American luxury over the next decade.

Cadillac based the show car on the next-generation GM modular electric vehicle platform driven by the UItium propulsion system. LYRIQ promises an electric driving range of over 300 miles on a full charge while offering the performance electric vehicles are known for courtesy of instantaneous torque. Some of the highlights of the EV include charging options providing a variety of preferences for home, work, and on the road, including support for DC fast charging rates of over 150 kW and Level 2 charging at up to 19 kW.

caddy lyriq back

LYRIQ will be offered in rear-wheel drive and a performance all-wheel-drive configuration. Presumably, the all-wheel-drive version will use dual motors, but that's unclear at this time. The vehicle will provide an enhanced version of Cadillac Super Cruise billed as the first truly hands-free driver assistance feature. Cadillac also intends to integrate a dual-plane augmented reality-enhanced head-up display, and the EV will have remote self-parking technology.

A key interior feature is a gigantic 33-inch diagonal advanced LED screen spanning the driver's entire viewing area. To improve performance and handling, the Ultium battery system is a structural element of the vehicle's architecture and is integrated in a way that contributes to the ride, handling, and safety. Cadillac boasts a near 50/50 weight distribution thanks to the placement of the battery pack. The battery uses nickel-cobalt-manganese-aluminum chemistry that reduces the need for cobalt by more than 70% compared to current GM batteries.

caddy lyriq side

Cadillac gives no indication of pricing or availability for the LYRIQ EV. Back in February, Cadillac unveiled the 2021 Escalade packing a trio of OLED screens inside and an optional diesel engine.