Bungie Announces ‘Destiny’ Release Date, Mark Your Calendars

The good news is that Bungie’s eagerly anticipated Destiny finally has a release date. The bad news is that date is September 9th, 2014, which is several long months away. The Destiny Beta will kick off this summer, so those involved on that front won’t have to wait as long to dive in, but that still may be disappointing news for some--it was previously thought that the beta would launch sometime in Q1 2014.

As we noted earlier, the beta will launch first for the PlayStation 3 and PlayStation 4, offering a tasty early selling point for Sony’s consoles over Microsoft’s. The latter’s Xbox 360 and Xbox One will get the game soon enough, though.

Bungie's Destiny box art for PS4

Destiny is an ambitious game, as it promises not just a giant MMO sandbox in which players can dink around but a “living world” where things can happen without the involvement of players or even the developers. Bungie calls it a “shared world shooter”.

Whatever Bungie and partner Activision call it, Destiny sounds like a unique and ground-breaking gaming experience.