BOXX's APEXX 5 Workstation Supports 5 GPUs, Jaw-Dropping Processing Power

The folks at BOXX are no strangers to crafting some of the world's most advanced workstation PCs, but its latest APEXX 5 still somehow manages to kick things up a notch. This might be a good time to rest your fist under your jaw, because your salivary glands might get overly excited.


The "5" in the APEXX 5 name represents the fact that five GPUs can be installed, which at the current time would be composed of a Quadro K2200 dedicated to viewport duties, and four Tesla K40s to handle computation. A wide-range of other GPU configurations exist, but that's the only one that utilizes 5 GPUs. Want 4x Quadro K6000? That's easily done. 3x Quadro K5200 with 1x Tesla K40? Ditto.

The GPU horsepower is just the start of things. In the default configuration, dual Xeon E5-2637v3s are packed in, offering the user an effective 8 cores at 3.5GHz. With the configurator, that CPU configuration can either be downgraded, or upgraded - all the way up to a total of 36 cores (72 threads), with Intel's ridiculously awesome Xeon E5-2699v3 processors.

BOXX APEXX 5 Rendering

As the rendering above highlights, this rig can also house 8 full-sized hard drives, although it doesn't seem that the configurator would allow you to fill them all up. Instead, you can choose from a range of hard drives and SSDs for both the primary and secondary. Since the configurator tops out at 2TB-sized hard drives, it might be up to you to populate the rest with either 4TB 7200 RPM drives or 6TB ~5,300 RPM drives, based on your needs.

The base configuration of the APEXX 5 is priced at $10,418, and includes dual Xeon E5-2637v3 processors as mentioned above, 32GB of DDR4-2133 memory, an NVIDIA Quadro K5200 8GB, a 240GB Intel 730 SSD, a DVD writer, a mouse and keyboard, and also a license of Windows 7 Professional.

Okay, you can free your face now.