Boxee Promises VUDU And Netflix This Month

It's a new year, and that means new things for the Boxee Box. Boxee Box owners have been wishing and waiting for Netflix support ever since it went on sale in November of last year, and now the team is providing an official update. Unfortunately, neither Netflix nor VUDU apps were available for the holidays. But there was plenty of other things to keep you occupied, we're sure. But now, Avner Ronen has promised that VUDU will be arriving at some point during the week, and Netflix will be arriving at some point during the month.

Boxee is definitely dead-set on providing both of these to users. They clearly see them as crucial to the success of the Boxee Box, and now users are being told that Boxee "has a brand new version of Netflix they expect to arrive by the end of January." Even Ronen notes that he is disappointed that Boxee couldn't make it happen before 2011, but now they're working hard to perfect both as soon as possible. And we're pretty sure every Boxee Box owner is quite thankful to hear news that both are on the way; the waiting is hard, but not knowing is even worse.

VUDU Arriving Next Week, Netflix By End Of January
by avner ronen

We’re sorry that VUDU and Netflix will not be available on the Boxee Box until January.

These services provide amazing access to a huge catalogue of movies and TV shows in great quality.  They are pillars of the future we see at Boxee where you can watch almost any movie or show, whenever you want.  They were also inspirations that helped us decide to start Boxee in 2007.

If you’re new to Boxee or received a Boxee Box as a gift, you can surf through previous blog posts and our forums to see how our team has done its best to create the product that all of us wanted to enjoy digital “stuff” on our TVs.  While both services are up and running in our offices on the Boxee Box, we need some more time to test each application to make sure they are ready for  launch.  We expect VUDU to be up and running next week.  We have a brand new version of Netflix we expect to arrive by the end of January.

I know many users will be upset.  I am disappointed that we couldn’t make it happen in time for the end of the year.  However I’d ask that you put your faith in us.  There are countless devices with access to these services available, but I’d like to think you chose Boxee because we offer something different, in our  approach, in our commitment, in our passion, in the way we communicate (whether its good stuff or bad), and in how quickly we move on the stuff that matters most to our users.

Looking back at 2010 it’s hard to believe so much has happened in just 12 months. We are going to be at the CES Show next week and are really excited about 2011. For us it’s going to be about continuing to improve the Boxee software, getting Boxee on additional devices, bringing more content (both in the US and internationally) and making Boxee available on more screens.

Happy New Year everyone!
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