AMD, Gigabyte, And MSI Booth Tours From PAX East: Radeon, Ryzen, And Coffee Lake Galore

amd booth tour
Fans of gaming and computer hardware who didn’t get to go to PAX East this year take heart; we have booth video tours from the floor of the show that give you an excellent glimpse at what you missed. Our first video is the tour of the MSI booth at the show and all of the latest gaming notebooks the company offers are on full display. The full RGB keyboard backlighting is nice and some of the keyboards can be programmed to light specific keys for each game.

Our second booth tour is of the Gigabyte booth, and the company has lots of its computer hardware on display. One of the coolest products was the full Aorus setup that shows all the RGB lighting and high-end gaming hardware that Gigabyte offers. The Aorus mainboard is particularly nice and aimed right at gamers. One nice touch are the M.2 coolers to keep your storage frosty, and it has a USB Type-C connector on the rear along with USB 3.1 ports. With all the features and hardware, the board is priced at $139.99 making it quite the bargain. Gigabyte also is showing off its full line of Aorus laptops.

One of our favorite tours was the AMD booth to see what the chipmaker is cooking up. As you would expect several gaming PCs packing in AMD hardware like Ryzen Threadripper connected with the Vive Pro for virtual reality play. A bunch of AMD-powered notebooks were also on display along with a very cool and gigantic curved screen PC monitor.

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