AVA Direct Rocks Custom PUBG Themed Killer Gaming Rig At PAX East

AVA Direct may not be a name that comes to the mind of many folks looking to acquire a new gaming rig, but the company is hugely committed to delivering top-quality options that gives you lots of performance, quiet operation, and ultimately, a top-quality build that ensures the rig lasts for the long haul.

AVA Direct PUBG Gaming PC

If you need a bit more proof that AVA cares about gaming, look no further than the video below. Our own Dave Altavilla bumped into company representative Shannon Robb who showed off a custom PlayerUnknown's Battlegrounds build that was turned-around in just a few days. Despite the limited time available, the end result is quite sharp.

On the front of the PC is a PUBG logo, which is probably the simplest part of the build's customization. Inside, though, an AIO liquid cooler radiator is dressed up as a supply drop, and if you think it looks crooked - it absolutely is, but it's on purpose. The same goes for the seemingly haphazard way the SSDs are placed on top of the PSU shroud. These are dressed up as crates that players drop after they meet their untimely end.

Even the PC's liquid cooled tubing has been given a nice coat of paint to complement the PUBG aesthetic, and likewise, the PSU cabling was chosen to match everything else as well. At the back is a beautiful Winner Winner Chicken Dinner backlit "starfield design" insert, wrapping up what's overall a great-looking build.

While this may be one of the simpler mods you will see at PAX, it's probably one of the very few (or maybe only one) that had such a slim turn-around. Robb expressed his surprise at the fact that the PC even made it to the show, given the amount of work that had to be crammed in on such short notice! We'd say the company has definitely done well!

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