Blockbusted! Movie rentals of today-and tomorrow

Digging around for a good movie on a rainy weekend, like we've been having up here in the Northeast recently, can be a challenge for sure.  Team Ars thinks brick and mortar movie rentals are going the way of the dino and we'd have to agree.  Netflicks sent me an application in the mail recently... Think I'll check that out fo-sho because Comcast's OnDemand selection is pretty dang weak...

Video stores are outdated and video-on-demand has a lot of growing up to do. I brought a list of 70 movies to two local stores and started checking titles off. It was a somewhat eclectic mix of Orbiting HQ favorites, quality anime, Oscar winners of various kinds, and a few international titles for that musky French spice. The results were downright depressing. Sure, they both had Kentucky Fried Movie and Fight Club. One store even carried a copy of Princess Bride, but neither had Weird Al's UHF, recent Oscar nominee Evil, or any of the anime titles. Not Noir, not Fullmetal Alchemist, not even Akira for crying out loud. Ars goes deep inside the movie rental business to show you what you can have now and what you still can't get.

Yeah and no "Repo Man" in stock either.... that just ain't right!