BlackBerry E-Mail Outage Redux

BlackBerry suffered another e-mail outage on Friday, but not one as severe as the April incident.  In fact, it is clear that BlackBerry has learned a good deal from their earlier outage as this time they seemed to have had an effective back-up in place that ensured no e-mails or text messages were lost.  It might seem odd to claim and outage when there were no messages losts, but the fact is that they didn't get delivered for hours.  But they did get delivered.

Of course, things were a bit slow when the service was restored, but things appear to operating fine at the moment.

So what caused the outage this time?  A glitch in the software.  Quite possibly the same software that crashed the entire service only a half a year ago.
“Service outages have been rare in the BlackBerry's eight-year history, but the outages that have surfaced have prompted angry backlashes against the company because of its lengthy silences about what caused them and the cryptic and jargon-laden explanations that eventually emerge.

Research in Motion waited two days after a major outage in April before telling customers that a minor software upgrade had crashed the system. The outage prompted grumbles from always-on users all the way up to the highest levels of business and government, including the White House and the Canadian Parliament.”
We're keeping our fingers crossed that the U.S. Government and the Canadian Parliament aren't using BlackBerries to send government secrets back and forth.
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