Biostar's iDEQ 330P, LG LRY-517 VCR/DVD Combo, Skype Alternative...

LG LRY-517 VCR/DVD Recorder Combo Review @ Designtechnica:

"The LG LRY517 Super-Multi DVD recorder not only raises the bar for stand-alone DVD recorders, but with the integrated VCR and memory card slots, it runs away with it. Whether you are transferring old family movie tapes to DVDs, copying new digital camcorder recordings to DVD, recording your favorite TV programs, or displaying photos or DviX movies from a memory card or CD, the LRY517 will be the tool of choice. "

Biostar's iDEQ 330P small form factor system @ The Tech Report:

"Biostar's iDEQ 330P is the latest small form factor system to offer something a little different. Based on a 939-pin Athlon 64 socket and NVIDIA nForce4 chipset, the 330P sports BTX-style front-to-back cooling and an innovative chassis that hinges open to provide better access to system components than any other small form factor enclosure. But does this newcomer have what it takes to match Shuttle's nForce4 XPC? Read on to find out."

Gizmo - A Look At The Skype Alternative @ The TechZone:

"I recently tested Gizmo while flying to Europe on a plane that had WiFi capability. Passengers around me were stunned that the calls were possible. Several downloaded Gizmo and began using the beta from the airplane and marveled at the audio quality."

Acer AL1714CB-8 17" 8ms LCD @ Phoronix:

"The last time we were engaged to look at an Acer product was when reviewing two Acer AL1715b 17" LCD displays. Today, Acer is floating around Phoronix again as we take a look at another recent offering, the AL1714CB-8. This 17" LCD is very similar to that of the AL1715b except it offers a blazing fast 8ms response and other competitive features for the budget consumer."

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