Best Buy's Geek Squad has new competition at Cicuit City - Firedog!

DailyTech is reporting that Circuit City has launched a new 24hr house call service for most of your electronic needs.  Poised as a convergence and pc technological service, FireDog appears to be a direct competitor to Best Buy's Geek Squad.  

The Firedog team is a 24-hour technology service that Circuit City says will be able to visit customer homes and provide on-site services. The company guarantees all technician work for up to 30-days and says that customers can also bring in their equipment for Firedog service at any Circuit City location. In Canada, the electronics retail chain Future Shop is owned by Best Buy but have not introduced any similar services.

Firedog is more than a simple in home PC repair shop unlike that of Geek Squad.  The focus of the service is a one stop shop for ALL in home electronic installation and repair.  In the age of convergence this is a lucrative opportunity for Circuit City to break into the market for such services.