Best Buy To Offer Macs At More Locations

Selling Macs at a limited number of Best Buy locations seems to have turned out to be a good idea for both companies.  That's why Best Buy executives have leaked word of a new plan that would test the waters in other markets.

“The plan would effectively double the number of Best Buy stores carrying Apple's computer line at the end of 2007, where rough figures placed a healthy array of Macs in approximate 230 to 270 locations.

"Even with prospects for a slowing economy, we believe Mac demand can keep going strong given new products," Reitzes wrote in his note to clients. "The key question into Apple’s earnings is whether Best Buy and new Mac products can help drive upside while iPod demand seems more seasonal."

The analyst added that he expects several new Macs and consumer electronics products to arrive next Tuesday as part of the company's Macworld announcements, including an ultra-portable device, iPhone improvements, and a movie rental service.“

It may be worth noting that many Comp USA centers had Apple corners in them before the retailer closed its doors.
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