Best Buy To Demo Samsung Gear VR Headsets Starting Feb 8

Quite literally, virtual reality is set to make a major play in mainstream courtesy of Samsung and Best Buy. Beginning tomorrow, February 8, 100 select Best Buy locations scattered throughout the United States will begin demoing Samsung's Gear VR headset, allowing curious customers to try it and see what all the fuss is about.

Up until now, VR has mostly lived and breathed online -- it's not like you can march into a Walmart and pick up an Oculus Rift. Part of the reason is because the technology has only recently been aggressively focused on home consumers, so there aren't that many worthwhile VR products available. Samsung's Gear VR is one of them, though up to this point, it was only available online through Samsung, AT&T, and Best Buy.

Samsung Gear VR

According to SamMobile, the limited demo run is a test program designed to solicit feedback. Rather than bombard Best Buy stores across the nation with Gear VR headsets, the South Korean electronics maker is taking it slow to see what the consumer reaction will be like. If it's positive, the program will expand to more stores. And if not, it can quietly pull out.

Samsung's other goal is to push its Note 4 phablet, which is required for the Gear VR. As part of the test program, Note 4 devices will have four demos pre-installed -- Milk VR (users can choose a video to watch), TheBlu (offers a game-like experience), Transformers (watch a movie in VR), and 360 Photos.

The demos will each last 3 minutes. Users who want to try them out must be at least 13-years-old, and they'll be required to sit in a chair before starting any of the demos.