Best Buy Reportedly Increasing Return Policy to 30 Days (Including iDevices)

If you head over to Best Buy's Store Exchange & Return Policy page, you'll notice that the electronics chain limits the return window for computers, monitors, projectors, camcorders, digital cameras, iPads, tablets, and radar detectors to 14 days. All other products carry a 30-day return/exchange windows, and 45 days for all products if you're a Reward Zone Program Premier Silver member. That all may be about to change.

Tuaw claims to have heard from a "Best Buy insider" that the electronics chain is getting ready to increase its return/exchange window to 30 days for all products, including iPads and Macs. The site even posted a supposed screenshot outlining the change.

Image Sources: Flickr

If true, it's not as though Best Buy is going to change the world by giving consumers an extra two weeks to return products, but the 30-day window is more favorable than the two weeks Apple allows its buyers to return Macs and iDevices. It would also match Amazon's 30-day return window, putting Best Buy in a better position to compete.

According to the screen capture, the revised return window will go into effect starting March 4, 2012.