Belkin's Easy Transfer Cable Makes WinXP/Vista-To-Windows 7 Upgrade Painless

You've heard horror stories from your pals who attempted to handle data migration processes on their own, and you're scared to death to make the leap to Windows 7. Thankfully, Belkin knows just what a tough spot you're in, and it has devised a dedicated cable to solve the problem that worries you most: upgrading. Of note, this cable won't do you any good if you're planning to upgrade your existing machine from Windows XP/Vista to Windows 7, but if you're putting together an all new rig and would like to migrate your data and settings over to the fresh rig, this should make your life a lot easier.

We'll confess--the Easy Transfer Cable for Windows 7 seems a bit unnecessary, but then again, we're PC enthusiasts. Something tells us this is being marketed at those who don't know the different between an upload and a download, and if the cable does what it says it'll do, quite a few of those novices will be singing Belkin's praises shortly after October 22nd comes and goes. According to the company, the Easy Transfer Cable simplifies the transfer process with uninterrupted transfer and a post-migration report that provides comprehensive detail of what was transferred. And yes, it works with both Windows XP and Vista-based systems.

Of course, it'll cost you $39.99 for the time savings and promise of no headaches, but you know, it could just be worth it if you're not used to handling these things yourself. Or, you know, you could just pay your buddy to do it for $20...whatever!

  • October 23, 2009, in North America
  • Q1 2010 in Europe and Asia
  • Pre-orders available on Amazon
  • Easy Transfer Cable for Windows 7 (F5U279) - $39.99
    • Migrates the following content easily and quickly, including*:
      • Music, photos, movies, documents, and other content
      • User accounts
      • Settings and customizations for Windows
      • Files and folders
      • Program settings and data files
      • Email messages and contacts
    • Quick setup in 3 easy steps: install software, connect the cable, and follow on-screen prompts
    • Transfers your information much faster than burning CDs, setting up a network, or other means of copy data
    • Sets up your new computer in minutes with your favorite settings from your existing computers and other devices
    • Post-migration report provides comprehensive view of what was transferred, including lists of all programs and applications installed on old PC and links to download latest versions of programs
    • Improved custom selection: user interface allows you to specify which items you want to transfer
    • Officially designed for Microsoft Windows Easy Transfer utility
    • Moves files between two PCs at speeds of up to 480Mbps. Estimate transfer of up to 7,500 songs per hour to your new computer.
    • USB 2.0 Hi-Speed (480Mbps) and fully backward-compatible with USB 1.1 low-speed (12/1.5Mbps)
    • Windows 7 32- and 64-bit certified
    • 8-foot cable length