Beginner's Guide to HTTP, Corsair XMS4400 CAS 2.5, and more!

Hey folks, it's that wonderful time again :) If your checking in for the first time today, Marco has reviewed the Sapphire Hybrid Radeon X800 XL, so make sure to check it out. Well, I'm going to check out the review for the Corsair XMS4400 with a CAS of 2.5, dream about money I don't have, and then get a coffee. Adios!

Corsair XMS4400 CAS 2.5 Review @ Club Overclocker

"Corsair has been in the memory market for some years now, and their memory is getting better and better. Their memory has been a favorite on the enthusiasts market for quite a while. Today we are looking at their newest DDR memory. Corsair has added the fastest Samsung TCCD memory chips, lowered the latency and manufactured what they hope is the fastest DDR on the planet."

Plextor PX-716A 16x DVD+-RW 6x Double Layer Writer @ ExtremeMHz

"Although their drives are substantially higher in price than the competition, they are sure to offer the highest quality, performance and feature set. Today, we have the pleasure of reviewing their latest gem, the PX-716A. Capable of supporting 6x double layer writing, this is currently one of the fastest double layer writers on the market. Let's take a thorough look and see just how it performs."

Beginner's Guide To HTTP @ The Tech Zone

"I thought about calling this article a "Geeks view of HTTP"; I am not going into the nitty gritty, but rather present a sketch of how a geek might see something like HTTP, how they can think something like HTTP is simple, and why they are not trying to make things complicated just for the sake of it!"

Thermalrock Circle Silver Designer ATX Computer Case Review @

"When the Circle showed up at my house I was less than ecstatic with its appearance, but over the week or so that I've had it around, I must confess that it's grown on me. Love it or hate it, you have to admit that ThermalRock's Circle chassis has a very distinctive look."

Icemat Audio Siberia Headset @ Phoronix

"Icemat, known for their high performance mouse pads, recently plunged into the audio market, releasing the Icemat Audio MP3 followed by the Siberia. Up for examination in this review is the Icemat Siberia gaming headset."

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