Battlefield 2042 May Get Remastered Maps From Previous Games And A New BattleHub

battlefield 2042 may get remastered maps and a new battlehub
Though both engine and gameplay footage from Battlefield 2042 was shown off during the reveal period earlier this month, there are still some unknowns about the game. The most prominent of these is the fourth “[REDACTED]” game mode, which is described by the Battlefield 2042 team as “a love letter to our core fans,” and that it will be a “new way to play Battlefield.” Now, Battlefield leaker Tom Henderson believes that the unannounced mode may contain remastered maps with weaponry and vehicles from all eras of Battlefield.

In his latest video posted on Monday, Tom Henderson first goes over what he calls the “Battlefield Hub” or “BattleHub,” which could be the “ultimate sandbox experience.” The leaker who emailed Henderson reportedly wrote that this would also not be a competitive or balanced experience, “in which players are just going be able to have fun.” The example Henderson gives for this game mode is seeing a Battlefield 1 tank fight it out with a Battlefield 3 tank; however, the options are not limited there. We may see a wide variety of technologies spanning the entire Battlefield history if this leak holds true.

Besides this new cross-generation Battlefield experience as part of the BattleHub, we may also see remastered maps from old Battlefield titles, which will take players back in time to those titles. Though it will all reportedly run on the Battlefield 2042 engine, each remastered map will lock players into the equipment and vehicles which were in the game that the map came from. So, for example, a fan-favorite map Caspian Border from Battlefield 3 could be remastered and would allow players to relive the hijinks from that game with Battlefield 3’s tanks, jeeps, ATVs, helicopters, weapons, and other gear.

redacted battlefield 2042 may get remastered maps and a new battlehub

Another interesting note from Henderson is that Specialists may go over to the Battlefield Hub as well. If this is true, it could prove to be controversial as some people may just want to reminisce on old Battlefield titles without dealing with some of the new features like Specialists.

Ultimately, whether any this holds true hinges on whether you believe a leaker who has only sent one email to Henderson. However, the information we got from the leak sounds quite plausible and exciting nonetheless. Hopefully, we will find out much more at EA Play Live on July 22nd, so stay tuned to HotHardware for updates.