Battlefield 1 Artwork Leak Confirms Zeppelins, Caped Crusader And Alternate World War 1 Universe

Battlefield 5 was the expected name of DICE and Electronic Arts’ latest shooter, but a new leak just ahead of the game’s office debut reveals that this isn’t the case at all. In fact, DICE has turned the clock back to Battlefield 1.

While Call of Duty is delving further into the depths of space with Infinite Warfare (to the horror of series veterans), the latest edition of Battlefield is going back in time to World War 1. But this isn’t a completely historic representation of the first world war -- according to various reports, Battlefield 1 is set in an alternate universe.

battlefield 1 1

We should expect to see some laborious trench warfare, up close and personal attacks on opponents (just look at the trench club) and some glorious capes (sorry, Edna). And if you look closely in the background, you’ll even see a Zeppelin which appears to be on fire (cue the Hindenburg jokes).

Other bits of news we’re able to glean from the leaked promotional materials is that those who pre-order the game will gain access to the Hellfighter Pack, which contains “themed items” inspired by the Hellfighter Infantry Regiment.

battlefield 1 2

The final detail is that the game will be available on October 18th, 2016.

So that’s it for now — you’ll have to catch the live stream at 4PM EST to see what else is in store for Battlefield 1.