Battlefield 5 Mini-Teaser Takes A Bow Ahead Of 4PM World Premier

Battlefield 5 World Premiere

Brace yourself, Battlefield 5's world premier is coming. In the meantime, go ahead and grab your detective cap, you're going to need it. In anticipation of today's world premier, which is scheduled for 4PM Eastern (1PM Pacific), DICE and Electronic Arts have taken to social media to tease eager gamers with clues about the Battlefield 5, including an extremely short video.

The clip is less than 10 seconds long and you have to look very closely for subtle hints. All you see is the neck up of a rendered soldier with detailed facial features, including dirt and the pits of his skin. It's an impressive visual, one that's labeled as "game engine footage," not to be confused with in-game footage. Take a look:

It's been rumored that the setting for Battlefield 5 is World War 1. Looking at the soldier's clothes seems to support that assumption, as does the face he makes as he looks to the sky at what could be an aerial assault. Of course, that could also indicate a science fiction theme, which is another idea that's been kicked around.

There are other hints that a WW1 setting is imminent, or at least it might be what DICE and EA want players to think to throw them off the trail. Ben Cousins, a former developer at DICE, tweeted out a message suggesting some WW1 reading material.

Whatever the case might be, the wait is almost over. Go here to catch the Battlefield 5 world premiere livestream later today.