Bank Hackings On The Rise

Bank hacking is up, despite new & improved security measures and growing public awareness regarding internet security:
“SecureWorks reported that between June 2006 and December 2006, they blocked attacks from about 808 hackers per bank per month. From the beginning of this year through June, there's been an average of 1,462 hackers launching attacks at each of the company's bank clients. As for the credit unions, SecureWorks reported blocking attacks from 1,110 hackers per credit union per month. That number rose to 1,799 this year.”
What is the root of the increase in hacking?  One of the key reasons is the virus kits that are readily available for purchase.

It used to be that it took both a lack of scruples and the know-how to be a hacker.  Now people who have both are turning as much money as they can while at the same time not actually doing the hacking themselves: they’re just selling the tools to others.

Now anyone with money and the lack of scruples can just buy a virus kit and start building viruses to steal bank information from people who will open spam e-mail.
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