Avengers Just $2, Guardians, Tomb Raider, Thief Blown Out In Huge Square Enix 90% Off Sale

avengers iron man
It's only been a few months since Embracer group purchased some of Square-Enix's intellectual property, but that doesn't mean they aren't going to give out some great sales. Today it looks like the company has decided to sell games from the Eidos branch of their subsidiaries for some insane discounts.

You can grab some Marvel-based games, like Avengers or Guardians of the Galaxy for as low as $2.00. These are definitely not the only deals, either. There's several more deals to be had, all seemingly related to that Embracer group deal.

scaled thief screenshot
Thief Screenshot

The deal to Embracer group included games like Thief, Tomb Raider, and Deus Ex. These titles are also on sale for up to 90% off. These games have all been relatively low cost for a while, down to as little as $9.99. However, you can pick up most of them for measly $2, with some expansion materials costing even less.

You can check out the critically acclaimed classic stealth game Thief for as little as $2.00. Or you can grab Deus Ex for about the same price. You can even grab most version of Tomb Raider for around that $2.00 price point as well.

deus ex
Deus Ex: Mankind Divided Screenshot

What we've found most interesting about this sale is that, while it is on the Square-Enix store, it looks like the prices are available for almost all platform distribution options. So, if you feel like beefing up your personal gaming inventory on your PC, Xbox, or PlayStation then we think you should jump on this sale as soon as you can. It's unlikely these prices will stay this way forever.