AT&T Launching Two New Unlimited Data Plans With WatchTV Live Streaming Service

Fresh off its victory over the federal government in its bid to acquire Time Warner Cable, AT&T has made good on its promise to deliver its WatchTVstreaming service. AT&T announced this morning that WatchTV will be made available with two new unlimited plans that are launching next week.

The two new plans are called Unlimited &More along with Unlimited &More Premium. Unlimited &More is priced at $70/month ($5 more than the current Unlimited Choice Enhanced plan) and gives you "unlimited" 4G LTE data, 480p video streaming and a $15/month credit for DirecTV Now. Unlimited &More Premium is priced at $80/month adds HD video streaming and 15GB/month of mobile hotspot data. It also included the $15/month DirecTV Now credit. Both plans include the ability for AT&T to “prioritize” your data if you consume more than 22GB of data during your billing cycle.

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Both plans come standard with WatchTV, which features over 30 channels of live programming in addition to 15,000 TV shows and movies that are available on demand. Some of the live channels that are available include AMC, CNN, Food Network, TNT, HGTV, A&T, BBC America, TBS and Viceland.  

As an added bonus, customers that signup for Unlimited &More Premium will be able to choose from one "premium" add-on which can include a premium movie channel like HBO or Showtime, or a streaming music service like Pandora Premium or Amazon Music Unlimited. For anyone that wants to sign up for just WatchTV, AT&T is committed to offering it as a standalone option for $15/ month. 

It's quite interesting that AT&T and Verizon Wireless -- two companies that just a few years ago were doing everything in their power to downplay the significanceof unlimited data -- are now tripping over themselves to deliver more and more unlimited planswith new perks (and new restrictions). In addition, last place Sprint is trying every trick in the book to get customers to join its network by offering anyone that switches from another carrier the opportunity to enjoy an unlimited plan for just $15/month.