Verizon Wireless Launches 'Above' Unlimited Data Plan For Extreme Data Hogs

Verizon 3
After bashing unlimited data plans nearly two years ago, Verizon Wireless is launching a third entry into its current family of unlimited data plans. The new plan is called Above Unlimited, and it is the most feature-packed unlimited plan that Verizon offers.

But first, let us cover the existing plans. Go Unlimited provides 4G LTE data that can be throttled at anytime if there is congestion on Verizon’s wireless network. You get 480p quality video streaming and unlimited mobile hotspot capped at 600 kbps. Beyond Unlimited will start throttling your 4G LTE data after 22GB, enables 720p video streaming, and offers 15GB of mobile hotspot (600 kbps afterwards).

verizon unlimited data

The new Above Unlimited tier will throttle your data after 75GB of usage, more than tripling the limit of Beyond Unlimited. While 720p quality streaming remains, mobile hotspot data is throttled to 600 kbps after 20GB of data has been consumed.

Above Unlimited costs $95 for a single line, but drops down to $60 (per line) for 4 lines. For comparison, Go Unlimited and Beyond Unlimited will cost you $75/$40 and $85/$50 respectively. Verizon will also allow family members to mix and match unlimited plans per line if one member of your family is particularly voracious with their data usage.

“Your kids may only need an unlimited plan to deliver the basics -- to call, text and stream without worrying about overages, while you might demand more from your unlimited plan with premium features like HD video and 4G LTE mobile hotspot," said Verizon Wireless President Ronan Dunne. "Now that you can mix and match, every person in your family gets the plan they need, without paying for things they don’t -- all on the network they deserve.”

The Above Unlimited plan and the ability to mix and match unlimited plans goes into effect on June 18th.