AT&T Matches Rivals With Up To $650 Credit For Switchers, Stacks With B1G1 Phone Offer

The wireless wars are quickly heating up, with even the big players getting roped into battle. It used to be just T-Mobile handing out enticing deals to persuade people to leave their current wireless carrier, but Verizon entered the fray in December. And now, AT&T is offering up a “switch” offer of its own.

“AT&T is offering you up to $650 in credits to help you switch your wireless service to us. Simply purchase a new smartphone on AT&T Next, activate eligible service, port your number, and trade-in your current eligible smartphone.”

$650 is a healthy upgrade from AT&T’s previous offer which gave switchers up to $300 in credit for leaving their existing carrier. But of course, there are some strings attached to receive that full $650. For starters, you’ll have to trade in your existing phone to qualify for the offer. You’ll need to bring your current smartphone to an AT&T store (or trade it in online), where you’ll be given either AT&T store credit or a AT&T Promotion Card covering the value of your device.

att switch

You’ll also have to submit your final statement from the wireless carrier you’re leaving that shows any early termination fees or device balance owed — this amount will net you a Visa prepaid gift card.  The “up to $650” credit amount come from the combined value of the device trade-in and the amount owed on your previous carrier’s final statement.

In addition to up to $650 in credits, AT&T is also allowing new customers combine it with the new Buy One, Get One Free offer which is being offered on a wide range of its popular smartphones.

“Our $650 credit is a great reward for new customers who switch to AT&T and our buy-one, get-one free is another great reward for our valued customers in the market for new smartphones,” said AT&T Mobility CEO Glenn Laurie. “There has never been a better time for new and existing AT&T customers to rack up the savings.”