Verizon Offers 650 Reasons To Divorce Your Current Wireless Carrier

Somebody must have spiked Verizon's non-alcoholic eggnog with a bit of rum over the holiday, as the wireless carrier now finds itself in semi-snark mode. Verizon's also feeling generous. So generous, in fact, that it's dangling up to $650 in front of anyone who "didn't get the right network" and is willing to switch.

"Everyone has that one gift they’d like to exchange for something better: maybe that not-so-cool holiday sweater…or the wrong network. This holiday season, Verizon is giving wireless users a chance to have no regrets," Verizon says.

Verizon Wireless

The level of smack talk isn't quite the same as what T-Mobile boss John Legere is known for on Twitter, but it is interesting to see Verizon engage in a sort of war of words. And speaking of T-Mobile, Verizon claims that 87 percent of its defectors that land over there end up coming back within six months. The percentage is nearly the same (86 percent) for those that ditch Verizon for Sprint. In both cases, "network quality and performance" is the top reason customers cite for returning to Verizon.

So, what's with the $650 incentive? Verizon's offering to buy out contracts and pay for early termination fees. The way it works is you port your number over to Verizon from another carrier, purchase a 4G LTE smartphone with a new device payment activation and trade-in of your existing handset, and sit back and wait for a prepaid card that's worth $650 minus the value of your trade-in (the trade-in value is immediately applied to our Verizon bill). If you don't go the trade-in route, you'll receive a prepaid card worth up to $350.

You have to keep the line active for at least 6 months, and the trade-in must be worth more than $0. Otherwise, you're free to take advantage of the deal for up to 10 lines, which means Verizon is offering up to $6,500 to get you and your family to switch.

To sweeten the offer, Verizon is also giving 2GB of bonus data every month when you select its XL (12GB) or XXL (18GB) plan, giving you a total monthly allotment of 14GB or 20GB, respectively.