AT&T Getting Windows Phone-Infused HTC Titan II In April

One Windows Phone not enough for one week? Here's another. While AT&T recently announced that the Lumia 900 would soon be coming to store shelves (April 8th, in fact), HTC fans will be able to clamp down on a WP7 handset of their own on the same day. The HTC Titan II will add yet another Microsoft-infused phone to AT&T's shelves in early April, carrying a 16MP sensor, LTE radio, 1730mAh battery and a $199.99 (on 2-year contract) price tag.

Interestingly, that's $100 more than the Lumia 900. Would you pony up an extra $100 for the HTC? Something tells us Nokia's going to be entirely more competitive at under a hundred bucks, not to mention those Nokia-only apps, too.