AT&T Finally Offers Android On Their Shelves With Motorola BACKFLIP

We aren't sure what took so long, but we're very glad that the wait is over. Google's Android operating system has made an indelible mark on the smartphone market segment, and it's the first major OS to rival the iPhone in a serious way. Palm's webOS was certainly revolutionary, but not enough mainstream consumers have bought in for Apple to really feel the pressure. Android, on the other hand, seems to be stealing away potential market share month after month, and it's clear that Google has a winner with some longevity on its hands here.

Motorola, which was all but dead in the eyes of cellphone buyers just a couple of years ago, revitalized itself last year with the introduction of the DROID on Verizon Wireless and the CLIQ on T-Mobile. It's clear that Motorola has attached their hope of a future to Android, and it's proving to be a smart move so far. The Backflip is easily one of the most unique handset designs we have ever seen. The actual QWERTY keyboard is on the rear of the phone, and the flipping motion happens in reverse of what you would normally expect. Whatever the case, it's an eye-catching premise and Android is beneath the screen (along with Motorola's 'Blur' user interface), making this one quite appealing.

We're thrilled to see AT&T users finally get an option for Android, but we are beginning to wonder if the carrier and Motorola have this priced right. It's available now in stores and online for $99.99 after a two-year contract signing and a mail-in rebate; that's also the exact same price as an iPhone 3G, so we have to wonder how many people will be eager to try their luck with a new form factor when they know the iPhone is what everyone raves about. Time will tell, but either way, we're glad to see Motorola step into AT&T's stores with Android. Here's to hoping that this is just the first of many choices to come.