AT&T Entices DirecTV Customers With $500 Credits To Switch Wireless Carriers

A week ago, AT&T announced the first fruits of its $49 billion acquisition of DIRECTV. AT&T provided some modest discounts for those looking to bundle AT&T wireless service with DIRECTV programming.

Although the $10 monthly discounts that AT&T provided for bundling services seems pretty lackluster, the company has something more impressive in store for DIRECTV customers that don’t already have AT&T wireless service. AT&T will give DIRECTV and AT&T U-verse TV customers that switch from a competing wireless carrier a $300 bill credit for each line that is ported over when buying a new smartphone with AT&T Next. AT&T will also throw in an extra $200 per line if you trade-in an “eligible smartphone” at the same time.


"This is a unique offer and unlike anything we’ve ever done – all to celebrate DIRECTV now being part of the AT&T family,” said AT&T Mobility CMO David Christopher. “This is another way we're making it better when you choose TV and wireless from AT&T.”

The limited time promotion starts today and runs though October 4.

In addition to the [up to] $500 line credits, America’s No. 2 wireless carrier has also announced a new All in One Plan, which the company bill as “the first-ever nationwide package of TV and wireless services.” It gives customers HD and DVR service (for up to four TVs) and four smartphone lines (unlimited talk/text and 10GB of shared data) for $200 per month for the first year.

U.S. wireless carriers are jockeying to both retain and court new customers in this cutthroat industry. Sprint recently announced a new Family Share Pack that is being offered only to new customers switching from a competing wireless carrier. In mid-July, T-Mobile – which has since become America’s third-largest wireless carrier -- announced a new family plan which gives family four individual lines (10GB each) for $120 per month.