AT&T Delivers Ho-Hum TV-Wireless Packages Following $49 Billion DirecTV Wedding

AT&T is trumpeting the arrival of what it says is the first-ever nationwide package of television and wireless phone service from a single provider. It costs $200 per month and includes HD and DVR service for up to four TV receivers, unlimited talk and texting for four wireless lines, and 10GB of shareable wireless data.

The new package, which AT&T is calling "All in One," will be available starting August 10. It's meant to be simple and straightforward, and is one of several new offerings the company has planned after completing the acquisition of satellite TV provider DirecTV for $49 billion.

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"AT&T is wasting no time extending the benefits of its DirecTV acquisition to consumers," said Roger Entner, founder, Recon Analytics LLC. "With this newly integrated offer, it’s clear AT&T is focused on offering value on top of convenience to win new customers and become a leader in entertainment and communications."

The way the All-in-One promotion breaks down is you pay $160 per month for the mobile phone part of the deal and $50 per month for either DirecTV Select or U-versus U-Family service. AT&T will then discount $10 per month, bringing the tally to $200 for both services combined, on a single bill.

You can also opt for DirecTV Xtra or U-verse U-200 for $70 per month, DirecTV Ultimate or U-verse U-300 for $75 per month, or DirecTV Premier or U-verse U-450 for $125 per month, all of which are eligible for $10 per month discounts when combined with AT&T's wireless service.

In addition to all this, AT&T customers can add high-speed Internet service to the bundle for an "All Included" plan. Pricing runs $30 for 6Mbps, $40 for 24Mbps, and $50 for 45Mbps.