Sprint’s Family Share Pack Delivers Four Lines And 10GB Data For $100, 40GB For $120

T-Mobile raised a few eyebrows earlier the month when it announced “The BEST family plan in wireless.” T-Mobile President and CEO John Legere was in rare form, lobbing insults at the competition the he revealed the plan that provides four lines of data — 10GB each — for $120 a month (of course, unlimited talk and text is included).

Not one to sit on the sidelines and watch as the folks in magenta get all the press, Sprint has countered with some new family plans of its own. The Sprint Family Share Pack will offer customers four lines with 10GB of shared data for $100 per month. If customers pay an extra $20 per month ($120 total), your monthly shared data allowance quadruples to 40GB.

Sprint Family Pack

Sprint says that a comparable plan from AT&T will cost you $160 per month, while the same on Verizon Wireless will set you back $140 per month — that works out to yearly savings of $720 and $480 respectively, which is nothing to scoff at.

Sprint will waive the usual $15/month access charges per line if you select one of these these two new plans. But before you start licking your chops at the prospects of yet another pricing war in the wireless market, there are a few “gotchas” in order to signup for these new plans (as is typically the case with Sprint).

First of all, the promotion is only available to new customers that are switching from a competition wireless service. If you’re an existing Sprint customer, don’t even bother trying to get access to the goods (this restriction reminds me of those old Ally bank commercials). Sprint will of course cover your early termination fees associated with severing ties with your old carrier. The second caveat is that each new line is required to purchase a smartphone using Sprint Easy Pay.

“Family members have differing data needs: music downloads, emails, movies,” said Sprint CMO Kevin Cull. “You have to supply the right amount of data to keep everyone under the same roof satisfied, deliver it at a price that works with the family budget, and offer to refill data affordably if the family runs low.”

The new 10GB and 40GB Sprint Family Share Pack plans will be available starting Friday.