AT&T DirecTV Now Streaming Service Gaining Cloud DVR And 4K HDR Support

DirecTV Van
The streaming media market for cord-cutters is becoming filled with competitors vying for your hard-earned dollars. AT&T introduced its DirecTV Now streaming TV service late last year, and is now looking to revamp its offering with a wealth of new features.

First and foremost, DirecTV Now is gaining cloud DVR functionality, giving you the ability to both record and access your favorite programs from just about anywhere at any time. This feature brings DirecTV Now up to par with similar services like Sling TV, YouTube TV and Hulu Live TV.

Additional features on tap for DirecTV Now include parental controls and the ability to pause live TV. AT&T will give invited beta testers the ability to test these features over the summer and provide critical feedback. The public launch of the new DirecTV Now experience will roll out later this year to all subscribers.

But that’s not all, AT&T has also announced that it will bring 4K HDR support to DirecTV Now starting next year, although an exact rollout has not yet been provided.

DirecTV Now Lineup
“We all want easy and quick access to our content, regardless of where, when or on what device we watch it,” said David Christopher, CMO for the AT&T Entertainment Group. “By developing for a single video platform, we’ll deliver new features and platform innovations in a faster, more efficient way. And it will be simple and consistent wherever you watch—TV, phone or tablet.”

According to a lay May report, AT&T currently has 328,000 subscribers for its DirecTV Now service. DirecTV now gives subscribers access to over 60 live TV channels at a price of $35 per month. There are also $50, $60 and even a $70 tier that gives you access to over 120 channels.

The question remains though, are these “Skinny TV” packages all that much cheaper than traditional cable/satellite packages when you start add in the cost of your internet service and other add-ons (like Netflix)?