AT&T and Option Launch USBConnect Quicksilver

High-speed browsing on the go just got a little better with AT&T and Option’s launch of the new USBConnect Quicksilver. Sporting full High Speed Packet Access speeds (where available, of course), the USBConnect Quicksilver is the first USB mobile broadband device worldwide to use the Icera Livanto chipset. This new device weighs just 1.2 ounces, yet packs the ability to browse the Web at high speeds worldwide…

AT&T has the nation's fastest 3G network, delivering LaptopConnect customers typical downlink 3G speeds between 700Kbps and 1.7Mbps and typical uplink 3G speeds between 500Kbps and 1.2Mbps.

Featuring an award-winning design, the Quicksilver has a protective cap for the USB connector. Mac and Windows users alike can enjoy this 3G browsing goodness. The Quicksilver is available at no cost after discounts and a contract. You’ll also need a
North America or Global plan if traveling outside of the United States.
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