AT&T Adds Free HBO To Its Unlimited Plus Wireless Plan As Carriers Battle For Customers

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AT&T is currently pretty far along in the process of acquiring Time Warner, which gives it access to popular brands including HBO and CNN. Even though the merger has yet to complete, AT&T is already spreading the wealth to customers that sign up for its best unlimited data plan.

New customers to AT&T Unlimited Plus (or already ready on the service) will now automatically receive HBO for free. AT&T says that there are currently three ways for you to receive HBO. If you currently pay for HBO via DirecTV Now, DirecTV or U-Verse TV, that additional monthly charge will simply go away. Likewise, if you currently subscribe to one of the above video services, but don’t have HBO, you will now receive it for free.

Alternatively, if you don’t subscribe to an AT&T video service, HBO content will still be available to you via the HBO Go app or DirecTV Now.


“Our customers want wireless entertainment on their terms, and we’re going to deliver,” said AT&T Entertainment Group Chief Marketing Officer David Christopher. “We are now including HBO when a customer has AT&T Unlimited Plus – giving you unlimited access to Game of Thrones, Silicon Valley, VEEP and more.”

AT&T’s Unlimited Plus plan gives you unlimited talk/text/data and 10GB of tethering per month. You do have to keep in mind though that you may be throttled in certain instance if you surpass 22GB of data usage in a month. However, for the vast majority of customers, this won’t be an issue. When subscribing to Unlimited Plus, AT&T also gives you a $25 monthly credit for DirecTV Now, DirecTV or U-Verse TV.

This just the latest salvo in the unlimited data wars, and could help sway customers that would otherwise be enticed by competing unlimited plans from Verizon Wireless, T-Mobile and Sprint.