Sprint Counters Verizon And T-Mobile Unlimited Plans With Bargain Pricing, HD Video And A Free iPhone 7

There is a new wireless war taking place, and three of the four major U.S. carriers are actively engaged in fighting. It all started when Verizon Wireless announced that it was bringing back a new and reinvigorated unlimited data plan with included HD video streaming and 10GB of mobile hotspot data. T-Mobile countered by matching Verizon’s plan specifics and offering a lower monthly out-of-pocket cost.

Now it’s Sprint’s turn to bring up arms against the competition. The company has announced that it will offer customers unlimited talk, text and data for $50 per month if you sign up for Sprint AutoPay. If you want two lines, it will only cost you $90 per month. Adding a third or fourth family member to your plan won’t cost you anything additional, so the price remains $90 per month.

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Like competing plans from Verizon and T-Mobile, Sprint is throwing in 10GB of mobile hotspot and HD video streaming. However, like Sprint's unlimited family plan that was announced earlier this month, this is promotional pricing that only lasts through March 31st 2018. After that time, you’ll see those monthly prices skyrocket. T-Mobile and Verizon don’t have any time limitations on their new unlimited plans (for now).

“Only Sprint can offer the best price for unlimited – 50 percent off Verizon and AT&T unlimited plans – and a network that can handle the data demands to meet customers’ needs,” said Sprint CEO Marcelo Claure. “Our unmatched spectrum position gives us a clear competitive advantage in a high-capacity unlimited world.”

Sprint is also looking to sweeten the deal for customers that switch from another carrier and trade in their existing phone by giving these customers an iPhone 7 free for 18 months.

All of this jockeying for position and bragging rights in the wireless sector is leaving AT&T looking like a dinosaur in comparison. In order to even qualify for an unlimited plan with AT&T, you have to sign up for DirecTV service, which will set you back at least $50 per month before you even start adding in wireless service. Once you have the DirecTV prerequisite out of the way, you’ll pay an additional $100 per month for a single line.