Atrix 4G Gets Pre-Launch Root

It's not even available at retail outlets or via delivery yet (that will be Feb. 21 for delivery of pre-orders or Feb. 22 in retail) but the Motorola Atrix 4G (AT&T) is already rooted.

Yes, it's those busy guys over at XDA Developers who have come up with the root, and it means access to Titanium Backup and other apps that require root to perform their magic. In fact you can see Titanium Backup running below.

However, there's the problem of an encrypted bootloader, which has been standard Motorola operating procedure for a while, now. That means no custom ROMs, at least not yet.

Also, since it's AT&T, you can't sideload without using the Sideload Wonder Machine. It's doable, but it's still a pain that AT&T does this.

Tags:  Motorola, Android, ATT