ATI's new AGP Radeons, PowerColor X850 XT PE, XION II Gaming PC Case

ATI's new AGP Radeons @ The Tech Report:

"For a little over a year, ATI's Radeon X800 series GPUs have powered the company's high-end AGP offerings. Over that time, however, ATI has introduced a number of new graphics products, including the Radeon X850 XT PE that boasts dynamic clock gating and higher clock speeds than previous Platinum Editions, and the Radeon X800 XL built with 0.11-micron fabrication technology. For months, these new graphics cards were limited to PCI Express, but AGP versions of each have recently become available. ATI has also bolstered its AGP lineup with the addition of an All-in-Wonder Radeon X800 XT. Together, these cards breathe new life into a graphics interface that's been largely ignored for the last six months, but are they any good? Let's have a look."

PowerColor X850 XT Platinum Edition VIVO AGP @ Bjorn3D:

"ATI did a refresh in this sector as well by releasing R480 which is really an updated R420 chip on 0.13µ low-K silicon process. The problem (if you can call that) was the newly released parts targeted the PCI-e segment only. It took ATI a few months to realize the AGP market is still huge and that they need to have a better support for it. Having said that, AGP users are still getting love from ATI when it comes down to high-end cards."

XION II Series Gaming PC Case @

"The XION II Series Gaming PC Case is the latest in XION's Ultimate Engineering line. Designed to bring a "new Gaming PC construction experience to everyone from Enthusiast users to Hardcore gamer integration." A bold claim for a sub $100 case to make."