ATI Reworking R600 GPU?

The folks at VR-Zone have posted a rumor that ATI is currently reworking the already delayed R600 GPU in an effort to minimize PCB size and get a better handle on thermals. Supposedly already at a staggering 12" in length, the original PCB layout is easily one of the longest graphics cards in history. The obvious goal here is to design a PCB which will be at least as "short" as the GeForce 8800 GTX, though there are some considerable design hurdles to overcome to do so. In addition, the team will be utilizing this time to further increase the efficiency and effectiveness of the heatsink assembly to keep the hot new GPU running cool. With the GeForce 8800 GTX already in the retail channel and a smaller and faster 80u variant likely coming in Q1 2007, ATI certainly has a lot at stake with the R600 GPU design.

The R600 card we seen will conform to the new PCI-SIG graphics spec of delivering 225/300W power for high-end graphics cards. Therefore it will have a new 2x4 pin connector for additional power on top of the current 6-pin connector.


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