ATi Dual Core Optimizations + Phil Rogers interview

Software that's able to take advantage of multiple CPU cores has been around for some time now, but the gaming industry is just getting into it. With the release of AMD's and Intel's dual core CPUs, and next gen consoles featuring multiple cores, there's been an added push for more software that can use the extra core(s) to it's advantage. ATI has claimed "Dual Core Optimizations" with their recent driver release(Catalyst 5.12), and today Driverheaven has taken a look at this feature, and had a Q&A session with Phil Rogers, ATI's senior software architect.

"Today we are taking a short look at a feature included in ATI's Catalyst 5.12 drivers - Dual Core optimisations. The article also includes a Q+A session with Phil Rogers. Phil is ATI's senior software architect and as a whole it makes for very interesting reading..