ATI CrossFireT introduces 'boundless gaming' to the world

ATI CrossFireT introduces 'boundless gaming' to the world

CrossFire increases performance, adds asymmetric physics, and simplifies the
experience for gamers

MARKHAM, CANADA & COMPUTEX, TAIWAN - June 6, 2006 - ATI Technologies (TSX:ATY, NASDAQ:ATYT) is loosening the ties that bind gamers to their physical realities by immersing them in a simulation more complete than anything they've seen before. The 'boundless gaming' experience is created by combining the rendering horsepower of two ATI graphics cards with a third devoted to modeling the environment. This asymmetric CrossFire configuration fuses the best looking, highest performing graphics available with physics performance beyond anything available on a PC before.1 Added to the IntelR CoreT 2 Duo platform, it introduces 'boundless gaming' to the world on the highest performing PC platform ever conceived.

Traditional PC games face two principal constraints: they're sometimes CPU-bound, limited by how much the processor can handle; or they're sometimes GPU-bound, limited by the amount of information the graphics cards can process. The same processing limitations also impact how well games can imitate reality. Today, ATI is breaking down those barriers. ATI's CrossFireT X1900 multi-GPU solution in combination with Intel Core 2 Duo processors effectively address both the CPU and GPU-bound scenarios producing the best image quality and performance in games, while a single ATI GPU works to deliver realistic physics. The result is 'boundless gaming'.

ATI physics lets developers deliver true-to-life representations of reality in games, thanks to the superior parallel processing architecture of ATI's RadeonR X1K GPUs. The RadeonR X1900 XTX is one the highest performing physics processor available today, delivering a whopping 360 Gflops of
processing power.1 Gamers will be able to enjoy scenes with 20,000 to 30,000 distinct objects that can now be accurately simulated and rendered at real-time frame rates, providing a more immersive experience.

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