ATi Beta 6.3 Catalyst for Elder Scrolls IV: Oblivion

ATi has released a beta Cat 6.3 driver with the "Chuck" patch to allow High Dynamic Range Lighting (HDR) and Anti-Aliasing (AA) to be enabled in Oblivion at the same time. HDR with AA was only previously available on Xbox 360, and is now possible on the PC platform with ATi cards. Crossfire support was also added in this patch, with boosts up to 80% in performance. The lucky ATi owners can grab the patch here.

It's called the "Chuck patch" in honor of our guy that found a way of enabling this functionality. Of course the reason why this is so important is Oblivion is one of the best looking games available in the market. Enabling High Dynamic Range and Anti Aliasing effects make this game look even better. Needless to say only ATI can support that configuration. So the Catalyst team is giving a special present to owners of ATI cards, an image quality experience unrivaled by any other. This proof of concept driver has something for image quality freaks and performance junkies (and even for both at the same time) This patch provides 1) HDR effects plus AA at the same time. The visual results are stunning. (To enable, ignore the AA settings in the game and enable it via Catalyst Control Center) 2) Crossfire support for the game via AFR mode. Good performance gains for all crossfire owners.